About Us

Our company was formed in mid 2004 after our director left a major bank as their Home Loan manager at two local branches to follow a bigger vision.

Our services are completely free to the client, and even for our expert advice and extended connections into related industries, our clients will never pay a fee. We’re about long-term relationships, and about making sure our clients get the very best we know how to give them.

We offer unbeatable convenience and that’s before we’ve even started negotiating with the banks for great products and interest rates just for you.

How do we make money? Simple! The approving bank pays us a fee for handling the administration of the loan application, a cost they would have incurred anyway. A client is never penalized for using a bond originator as it is against all policies to charge a client either by way of service fee or in increased interest rate for using a particular input channel. In most cases, we are more efficient at managing an application to a Home Please look around our site for all of our partners, services, types of loans, calculators and more. We look forward to hearing from you soon.Loan center than the bank branch of the same bank.

Please look around our site for all of our partners, services, types of loans, calculators and more. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Why Us?

Select home loans, a professional and highly dedicated team of passionate people, offer their expertise and financial services free of charge to the public

Banks have become more and more strict with their credit policies owing to the implications of the National Credit Act, diminishing household disposable income, which has resulted from high inflation, escalated interest rates, rising fuel costs and more
You need the right team working on your home loan. It takes skilled individuals with expert knowledge of bank criteria and affordability requirements to guide you through what has become a minefield for anyone trying to tackle a bond application alone
Estate agents usually refer their clients to a bond originator from whom they get paid a very high commission to do so and you can therefore not count on their unbiased recommendation to a company that is necessarily skilled enough, or has your interests at heart, to arrange your bond
Using your OWN bond originator keeps the power in your own hands and minimizes the risk of being forced into a loan that is not suitable (eg. 30 year loan terms when you wanted 20, unreasonable interest rates, non-mainline lenders etc.) It also allows you to use an independent bond attorney (one not at the will and mercy of the estate agent) to attend to your registration once again protecting your interests

“It’s no longer about fancy sales gimmicks, or how quickly you get your answer, it’s about an important financial process where your bond company needs to be your partner”

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