How It Works?

How an application process works for property finance?


Simple Application Process

Using Select Home Loans for your loan application simplifies the often complicated task of applying for property finance

Easy to Use Application Form

Our easy-to-use single application form along with our consultants assisting you to gather all the required documents, gives you the best chance possible of having not only your bond approved, but multiple banks actually competing to give you the best interest rate and product offering

Application Submission to Banks

Once the application is received and supporting documents compiled, we check it all thoroughly and with our understanding of your requirements, draft a motivation to accompany the submission to the banks

Regular Reporting On Status

From there, we keep a keen and constant eye on the progress, informing you as we go, and liaising between the banks and the applicant should additional information be required and as offers are presented

Bond Attorney's Assistance

If a bank’s loan offer is accepted, we proceed to instruct bond attorneys to assist with registering the bond for you and before you know it, your finance is in place and paid out!

Dedicated Specialist Assistance

Our additional services such as insurance cover will also be offered by dedicated specialists to provide peace of mind